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Rose Braziel has had a dream for many years. After working with children her whole life and going through health issues that heightened her awareness of her mortality, she decided to start a non-profit. She wanted it to be geared to help kids and families across Tarrant County. Her experience and her passion caused her to take a leap of faith and found Hope-4-Kids. Surrounding herself with others who loved kids and wanted to help started the dream. After several years now and lots of opportunities to grow, Hope-4-Kids is one of Tarrant County’s Best Known Charities. Yearly events, fundraisers, and networking with the community have provided a team of professionals and volunteers who work together to provide all the services possible to local families and children. 


Rose is a Small Business Owner who has spent her career reaching out to non-profits and those Small startup businesses that needed Website services but were struggling to include everything. After finding Hope-4-Kids 3 years ago, she has dedicated time and effort to helping build the organization through online presence and activity. Her passion for kids and helping others comes from growing up in a children’s home and living through struggles of her own. She is always on board to help and work with others to assist those in need. 


Melissa Cuthbert is a Real Estate Investor of over 9 years now who specializes in restoring homes to beauty. Passionate in her work helping the youth of our next generation to become beyond what they could ever dreamed of.  She has always been excited to a member of Hope 4 Kids and this vision team Rose has built, and can’t wait to build a better future for our community.


From as early as childhood, Cairo knew her purpose was to serve. This journey started when she graduated from high school and decided that her duty would be to serve our country, by joining the military.

 After serving her time in the Army, Cairo’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to open a childcare center. She devoted herself to providing exceptional childcare service for almost 10 years. She’s a licensed massage therapist. Today, as she continues her journey, Cairo finds joy in volunteering and serving her community, as she contributes to a greater cause. 


Debbie built her career as a Paralegal. Retired from the workforce, Debbie spends much time providing advice and services to Hope-4-Kids. At every single event, Debbie is dedicated to being a vital part of the team. Her husband and her bring their smoker and food tent to events and provide free hot dogs and burgers to families attending. Tirelessly working to offer their help with anything that needs to be done. One of our most valuable Board members. We can always count on Debbie to be there or provide help for every event. 


James Campbell, Jr. has been a certified police officer with the Tarrant County Hospital District Police Department for 25 years. Officer Campbell has served the patients and families at the John Peter Smith Main Campus and the Stop Six community. He has extensive knowledge of security and protective measures. He has provided educational training to youth and adults on personal and bike safety. Officer Campbell has long history of serving the community through volunteerismsuch as working with youth and feeding the homeless and elderly. He has provided guidance to youth having trouble at home, school, and with friends. He enjoys building strong moral character and leadership skills that will help youth grow in all areas of their life. Being a believer in Jesus Christ, he does all of this with a loving and compassionate heart.


Michelle Wright is a native of Fort Worth, an educator, has a passion to serve and help in the community, and has a heart for children and youth. Michelle is always there to help or provide assistance for events. Her input and experience working with kids is invaluable to our organization’s success.


Carmen Banner relocated to the DFW area in 2019. Carmen volunteered her time by spearheading and hosting community voter registration drives and other notable social justice projects.  She has served as a member of the Black Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis Club. Carmen is passionate about serving the community as a Hope for Kids Foundation board member.


Brian’s dedicated to project management, and business analytical skills helping others understand what it takes to run their business. Brian’s dedicated to being a business owner. Brian’s passionate about being a Hope for kids board member who’s passionate about the success of the nonprofit 


Eli a dedicated wife and mother. Eli is also a dedicated Dyslexia Therapist to many children who loves her. Eli’s very passionate about serving the community as a board member for Hope for Kids  Foundation 


Anita Mays has worked in the Stop 6 Fort Worth area for over 10 years. She has served as the cultural enrichment director for the Boys and Girls club for 8 years and worked in education for 6 years. Now through her company Eighty8 Lines she continues her efforts to reach the community by providing art programs through local organizations and schools within DFW including FWISD, Y.M.C.A., Clayton Y.E.S., Boys & Girls of Tarrant County, and Saintsville Academy.


Destiny Falade is a 20-year-old college student, studying Health administration. I am passionate about serving others and giving back to my community. I am very excited to be a  Hope for Kids Foundation  board member who share the same vision to myself .


Zariah’s dedicated single mother of two, she’s a dedicated active member of her church. Zariah’s works in the medical field as a Medical Office front desk representative in which she has received awards for her ability to work in excellence. Zariah is passionate about serving the community as a Hope for Kids board member.