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Our community is full of people who want to help. Clothes, shoes, coats (all winter items, hygiene products are greatly appreciated and given to the community to allow everyone the comfort and necessary needs for growth and peace of mind no matter their walk of life.

Our Founder, Rose Braziel has been involved with kids and families for many years. Throughout her entire career, she has focused on the lives and circumstances surrounding families who are struggling. Families who can benefit from someone stepping in and stepping up to offer support and assistance. Rose has dedicated her life to being there to support and assist the many families and children in her community. Tirelessly raising money and other support from wonderful people and businesses in the Tarrant County Community.

The goal of Hope 4 Kids is to provide young people with a safe place and a positive outlet for their energy. We will be teaching them leadership skills, teamwork building, the importance of volunteering, safety, critical thinking, and provide them with much-needed resources for college scholarships. We believe out-of-school hours serve as the essential link between school and home, offering the greatest opportunity to influence the future of our kids, and communities. Hope for Kids Foundation seeks to ensure boys and girls 6-12, a positive and enriching experience when the school bell rings, putting them on the path to success.

Along with educational assistance and support, Hope 4 Kids offers food and nutrition support with partnerships across Tarrant County for Food Banks and other Food support.

Hope 4 Kids is dedicated to being a light for families in Tarrant County. We know that through resources and support many families who are struggling can receive relief so they can find work and other means to rise above their current status. We know that sometimes just having another voice and another positive in their lives may make a huge difference in their futures. We are working to be that voice and that positive for any child or family struggling in our Community.