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Well, our Summer Hope 4 Kids Fundraiser is over and was a huge success. We sold approximately 50 tickets and had approximately 30 attendees. We sincerely appreciate all of the support from our community.

Our Fundraiser got off to a busy start trying to set up our tables and get everything ready to go. Volunteers came and participated in unpacking boxes and setting up food tables. Our host Anita Mays of Eighty-Eight Lines was well organized and had all of the guest tables ready to go with painting easels and supplies. Meanwhile, our DJ was providing background music to work by for all who came to help.

As our guests began to show up, the atmosphere of community and shared values was the goal of the day. Everyone who came was excited to be there and to be a part of Hope 4 Kids and the mission of helping children and families.

Each person who spoke or provided entertainment was there to support the goals we share. Soul Singer Tomea always brings the audience together with her amazing voice. Tomea is one of Dallas’ sensational vocal talents. She has been crafting her skills on the local and national music scene for several years. Tomea has an amazing vocal range and style that has been compared to that of Shirley Murdock, Pattie LaBelle, and Aretha Franklin,  

Brittany Parkerson another amazing local singer wowed the audience with her wonderful vocal contributions. We love when Brittany is a part of our Event. She is loved by all. Our final Entertainer was Poet Toha Heru.  If you haven’t heard from Ms. Toha Heru, here is her performance at our event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsduD8l0F8.

The main event for our Fundraiser was Anita Mays with Eighty-Eight Lines, our Host. Artist Anita Mays has been creating art since she was 5 years old.  Eighty8 Lines” hosts exciting paint parties that encourage people to do exactly what she had to learn how to do herself… face your fears and make something beautiful out of what you were “once” afraid of. “I put my full personality into our paint parties and programs which I believe establishes a bit of comfort for apprehensive painters.

Along with hosting mobile paint parties within the DFW Metro area, 88L also facilitates an art program for youth called “SCriBbles”. Everyone falls in love with this wonderful activity and that was definitely the case for our Summer Fundraiser. Anita was amazing and made everyone feel very artsy and brought much fun to our event.

As a final tasty note for our Event, we were served a wonderful lunch prepared by Nicole from Duo Rentals. Wonderful Cajun dishes prepared and served with love. Nicole’s Catering business is a family affair. Two of Nicole’s very entrepreneurial minded kids came and were hands-on helping to get everything set up and ready to go. And the food was absolutely delicious. 

We thank all of our volunteers, guests, and entertainers for making our Summer Hope 4 Kids Fundraising Event a huge success. We appreciate all of you. Watch for our next big event to be announced.